Below is a sample of what you will see every day at Camp4Real. Your child may not know the games now, but rest assured they will LOVE them after they play! Eight years of conferences, workshops, and my own creations have left me wishing we had more time in the week to complete everything we have!

8:30 Good Morning Activity (icebreakers, tag game, Camp Buddy activity)

8:45-9:20 Rising Stars (Rising 1st-3rd) outside activity (Risk Run, Capture the Flag) All Stars (Rising 4th-6th) Indoor fun fitness activity (Catapult, Empire Strikes Back)

9:20-9:55 Rising Stars indoor activity (Omnikin Ball games) All Stars outside team sports activity (soccer, Ultimate Frisbee)

9:55-10:30 Rising Stars Snack (nutrition talk, you choose from healthy ingredients to make your SMOOTHIE!) All Stars Indoor PE favorite activity (MLS Paintball, Fort Paintball)

10:30-11:05 Rising Stars indoor light (after snack) activity (parachute, Samurai) All Stars Snack (label reading, make your own fruit kebobs)

11:05-11:30 Rising Stars outside activity (Island Hopper, Pirates Treasure) All Stars indoor character-building or nutrition activity (Compliment Tag, Fast Food? Fail!)

11:30-12:00 Rising Stars closer (crowd favorite!) activity (Scooter City, Battleship) All Stars closer (camper choice) activity (Capture the Flag-ULTIMATE EDITION)